27 Maart 2022

March 27, 2022

27 Maart 2022 27 Maart 2022 Our second season has begun! We had the most perfect weather and with 20 enthusiastic volunteers, it was a wonderful start of 2022. It was so wonderful to see our loyal group after a break of several winter months and to work together again.

We worked in an area with gravestones that had not been cleared of moss, grass and dirt for many many years. Most of the stones were hidden under a mat of thick grass. We managed to clear the cracks which were full of grass and discovered that most of the stones were from the early 1700s! Many had been protected by the grass layer and were in very good condition.

Sandra and Marijke cleaned the small monument of weeds, Hinke cleared the entrance and we planted ivy and white wild hyacinths bulbs. In the fall we have plans to plant the same wildflower bulbs along the path at the entrance. Our app group is also busy exchanging ideas and information.

There are many different things to do and the volunteers may choose on which projects they wish to work.

We are very grateful for the group of 8 winter volunteerswho worked from December until February with Rineke as their coordinator. And of course to Cees for instructing the bosmaaier group in the use of the bosmaaiers.

Send me an email if you can come.
You know: annedf@hotmail.com

Kind regards,

The remaining work days for this year are: Sunday April 24, Sunday May 29, Friday June 24, Sunday July 31, Sunday August 28, Friday September 23, Sunday October 30

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