February 27, 2022

27-2-202227-2-2022Last Sunday, spring was in the air. Last month we discovered snowdrops and this month the crocuses were in bloom. We chose to work in a part of the cemetery that we had not done before. Cleaning the stones and removing moss, sticks, acorns and weeds was very satisfying. What we discovered were beautiful tombstones, some of which were still in perfect condition, ‘protected’ by the layers of moss and grass that had grown over them. We couldn’t clean as much as we had planned due to the thick cladding that had to be carefully removed, but each stone we cleaned almost felt like a present, such a huge change between ‘before and after’.
Rineke, Johan, Anita, Judith and Fred agreed that it was very worthwhile to continue the work during the winter.

Dear winter working group, thank you very much for your enthusiasm.

 Next month the volunteers will start their second year, from March to October 2022. We look forward to having our regular group back to help us out.

Our kick-off date is Sunday 27 March and we will work from 12.00-16.00.
We look forward to seeing you all then. Send me an email if you can come. You know:

Kind regards,

The remaining work days for this year are: Sunday March 27, Sunday April 24, Sunday May 29, Friday June 24, Sunday July 31, Sunday August 28, Friday September 23, Sunday October 30