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Guided tours can be arranged with Gilde Den Haag;
Visiting graves of relatives: for easy entrance, mail us through
  • Individual visits to graves: no rates will be charged but a suitable donation will be highly appreciated.
  • All other visitors (such as groups with touristic or educational purposes): 5 euro per adult. If possible a guided tour of 1 hour max will be provided.
  • Research by board members in order to find names, locations of grave stones etc.): 25 euro per hour.

The rates help to finance the upkeep of the cemetery, which is totally dependent of donations and subsidies.
For example: mowing of the grounds amount to 12.000 euro each year. Without these mowing rounds within two or three years most gravestones would simply be vanished from view.

House rules
Men and boys may enter the grounds only with their heads covered.

Pets are not allowed.

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